Behavioral Management Group Inc. (BMG) is a private practice specializing in Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a clinically proven, highly effective treatment. Our goal in therapy is to create a relationship to establish a specific purpose, to help our clients explore current and long-standing issues to achieve predetermined goals for emotional healing, self-improvement and a positive attitude toward themselves. Clients gain support and guidance when learning how to use interpersonal skills effectively, coup with difficult situations, make decisions wisely, and become proficient at problem-solving. 
Prior to addressing behavior and attitude, we first identify what areas to focus on during the evaluation and testing session. During therapy, clients have the opportunity to address all areas specifically related to their particular offense or incident. In addition, other areas discussed during sessions are depression, assertiveness, impulsive behaviors, relationships, work/career issues, and self-esteem.
Our programs require participation of both the offender/client and the therapist during private counseling sessions. The counselor/therapist brings areas of concern for discussion, issues to explore, problems to resolve, guidance and feedback to assure a client's progress. By systematically analyzing, all aspects of the crime allow the client to become aware of how and why they made a criminal decision. Therefore, allowing offenders to learn from their mistakes, and develop a stronger position to facilitate changes in their life to make wiser decisions in their quest to reach their goals.
Behavioral Management Group (BMG) deals with community problems related to Theft, Anger, Hate, Vandalism, Sex, Abuse, Animal Cruelty, and Chemical dependency issues. Offender's are offered a comprehensive educational program,  focusing on cognitive therapy to prevent further involvement in the criminal justice system.
Our programs primarily address individuals in need of help as well as offenders requiring:
Behavioral Management Group Inc. (BMG) educates and evaluates the offender through a comprehensive curriculum titled HELP included with offense-specific testing and behavior modification counseling. Our HELP manual is an information-gathering tool allowing the offender to participate while providing important information with reference to their crime or problem. The program teaches the understanding of the law, the consequences, values, attitudes, and behavior accepted by community and government. Our goal is to help individuals understand why they made an inappropriate decision, help deal with the adverse effects while teaching how to change their behavior. Through this process, we achieve positive and long-term results.
Our programs focus on education and behavioral modification. Each offense specific program provides evidence on how crime affects the lives of their victims as well as countless people surrounding their everyday lives, allowing clients learn how to think and react to any given situations. Eventually teaching them how to balance the difference between right and wrong that causes them to behave contrary to what they believe. They are encouraged to accept the mistakes they have made and help commit to a decision of never repeating the act again.
How can one rebuild self-confidence and the dignity destroyed by their actions? How can an individual strengthen their ability to act in accordance with new decisions for a positive and productive future? We set boundaries of acceptable behavior giving them the opportunity to become a part of an organization whose sole mission and resources is to focus on helping each individual change. Thereafter, continuing to support their efforts as they leave our program. Together with combined efforts of education and behavioral modification, we can help to reduce the burden of crimes within the courts and community.