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Education, behavioral evaluation, and counseling provide the answers to assist clients in finding the catalyst of their inappropriate behavior then help them defeat their nemesis. We evaluate the offender through a comprehensive Program developed by B.M.G. called H.E.L.P. along with behavior modification counseling. Our educational program is essential as an information-gathering tool allowing the offender to participate while providing necessary learning tools concerning their criminal behavior. It is necessary to understand that our programs are comprehensive and designed to educate as well as counsel offenders. The program curriculum teaches an understanding of the law and its penalties, values, attitudes, and acceptable behavior when interacting with their community and government alike. We are not a short-term or quick fix to problems. The goal is to show them the consequence of their actions and how they must modify their behavior according to community standards. Their lives can and will continue to become complicated from time to time and more often than not, a second opinion or support can make the difference between the right or wrong choice. That is why upon completion of the program, offenders are encouraged to stay in contact, at no additional charge. They know they can depend on our staff to assist through troubling times.

Since our inception in 1993, Behavioral Management Group (B.M.G.) provide clients with the tools to help the emotional and physical issues of individuals in the private community as well as offenders referred by the judicial system.

Denise Ann Parrillo:

  • Director / Board Member
  • C.B.T Counselor
  • Counselor / Clinical Modalities Bio-Feedback, Hypnotherapy
  • Twenty-five years w/B.M.G

Lorenzo Anthony Parrillo:

  • Semi-Retired /Board Member
  • Counseling (exceptional cases)
  • Behavioral Expert
  • Twenty-five years w/B.M.G.

Our Staff

Claudia Valencia


Amir Davalos


Barry Gerald Sands


David Anthony Parrillo


Peter Basta


We create programs to fit your needs and ensure your success.

Behavioral Management Group (B.M.G.) has tailored our program to accommodate behavioral issues beyond the specific offense they were mandated to attend.

Ultimately, we will help and assist in resolving other behavioral problems lingering that directly or indirectly relate to their negative actions. We feel this can reduce the likelihood and be the best approach to assuring the offender’s chances of not repeating their offenses.

Since 1993, our reputation for effectiveness, efficiency, detailed reporting, and a genuine concern for our client’s best interest has made B.M.G. a preferred program for much of probation, parole officers, courts, private and public attorneys, throughout Southern California and surrounding counties. B.M.G. works actively with the Los Angeles Mental Health Services and Info Line (211-information line).

Changing your behavior and changing your life is easier than you think, let us help.

Behavioral Management Group Inc. has successfully helped adults, juveniles both in private clients and offenders in the system deal with behavioral problems.

Our programs are customized to specifically address the issues of individuals who cannot find balance within today’s fast-moving and challenging society. Progressively expanding our reputation, we service private clients and court-ordered offenders in an ever-expanding geographic area.


All programs are offender paid. Having a client or offender pay for their education and treatment is an important part of rehabilitation. Offender paid programs help the client or offender take responsibility for their actions and enhances the value placed on the program. By having a client pay for the program, does not impose any financial burden on the Court or community. In addition to our formally structured program, free ongoing support is available to offenders who have completed the program. It provides an opportunity for clients to stay focused and have the guidance available when needed. Additional counseling beyond the standard curriculum ordered or requested by the Court or referral for extended support, counseling or monitoring requires additional fees. Case circumstances calculate all rates and payment plans for additional services.

Client Feedback

I always felt angry, even at myself. I took it out on myself and anyone who came into my path at home, the street, in my car or work. I realize that with a few changes and time to work things out, I began to feel better, less stressed, most of all, I stopped the rage. The day I enrolled, I was enraged because of the money and time. I was not too fond of the system. I now know the system cared enough to help me. I thank B.M.G. for my life back. I have a good job, and things at home are much better. My smile is back.
W.H./Adult Anger Management
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