Client Feedback

This program has been enormously helpful because it organizes not only information but defines the emotional/behavioral/psychological factors that can affect behavior. Increased understanding leads to hope for change: and yields determination. I wish that more people had access to the information, and it saddens me to think that this program is not available to people with fewer resources than my own. I looked for groups and centers that would address this problem for a very long time, to no avail (A.A., NA, GA, and DA) and received no useful references. For this reason, I would hope that the information might effectively apply to all the levels of retailers, law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, schools, churches, and self-help groups. Many of us have a propensity for compulsive behaviors.  We may benefit as soon as possible from a heightened understanding of the source and more importantly, the tools that encourage and support the permanent modification of such behaviors. I also think that once exposed to the information and resources; the offender should pursue avenues that included ongoing treatment and support. The long-term programs imposed by Court or retailer in exchange, or as a condition of probation/sentence.
J.M./Adult Theft Offender
I always felt angry, even at myself. I took it out on myself and anyone who came into my path at home, the street, in my car or work. I realize that with a few changes and time to work things out, I began to feel better, less stressed, most of all, I stopped the rage. The day I enrolled, I was enraged because of the money and time. I was not too fond of the system. I now know the system cared enough to help me. I thank B.M.G. for my life back. I have a good job, and things at home are much better. My smile is back.
W.H./Adult Anger Management
Felt this Home Evaluation Learning Program was beneficial. It helps one understanding their self and understanding their mistakes in first time shoplifting. I still ask myself how this did happen; I always thought I was the right person. All I can say, it will never happen again. Reading the educational program while attending counseling has helped me learn and understand myself.
B.O./Adult Theft Offender
This is an excellent program; it is both helpful and educational. I enjoyed this program. It was able to put information into ways that are not boring. Also, the information was valuable, and I learned a lot about myself and the crime of shoplifting.
S.M./Juvenile Theft Offender

I was referred to B.M.G. for road rage. When the judge recommended B.M.G., I thought it would be easy and have little to do. Wrong, the manual took a while to do and then came counseling. The manual was easy and explained a lot about behavior and how I can make better choices. I learned a lot; counseling was the best. I thought it was going to be like my last therapy. My counselor at B.M.G. never said I was wrong, but helped me understand why I did not want to be like that anymore. She helped me, my marriage, and how to be happy without anger

H.W./Adult Anger Management