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  • 12 / 26 / 52 Week Programs

  • Convenient Appointment Schedules

  • Offense Specific Educational Programs

  • Propensity & Needs Testing

  • Adult & Juvenile Programs

  • Off-site Assessment / Incarcerated Clients

  • Court Progress Reports

  • Employment / Job Assistance

  • Spanish, Armenian, Farsi Programs / Translator

  • Ongoing Support

  • Individual Counseling Sessions

  • Educational, Military Assistance 

  • Relationship Assistance

  • Pre–Trial Diversion / Plea Bargain

  • Behavioral Modification Counseling (C.B.T.)

  • First & Repeat Offender

  • A condition of Court Sanctions / Reduce Fines

  • Bus, Rail, &  Free Parking

  • Psychological Assessment

  • Pre–Trial Evaluation / Assessment

  • Payment Plans Available / Low Income

  • Misdemeanor & Felony Programs

  • Probation / Parole Progress Reports

  • AB 109 / Prop 47 Alternative Programs

*Assistance can be provided, based on program results regarding employment, educational, and military enlistment.

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Private Attorney City Attorney Law Enforcement Agency
District Attorney Judges and Court Administrators Retail Stores / Merchants
Parole Department Probation Department (AB109 Program) Los Angeles Mental Health

We are servicing courts from:

Los Angeles County, Ca. Ventura County, Ca. Riverside County, Ca.
Orange County, Ca. San Diego County, Ca. San Bernardino County, Ca.
San Francisco, Ca. Kern County, Ca.

Our clients are from every walk of life, every nationality, and every state accepting personal online counseling or required to complete programs for specific offenses. BMG has no boundaries. We provided counseling to clients by a Smart Phone, iPad, or Computer. We are available nation-wide as well as International for English, Spanish, Farsi, and Armenian.  Other languages are accessible by a translator.

Client Feedback

I was referred to B.M.G. for road rage. When the judge recommended B.M.G., I thought it would be easy and have little to do. Wrong, the manual took a while to do and then came counseling. The manual was easy and explained a lot about behavior and how I can make better choices. I learned a lot; counseling was the best. I thought it was going to be like my last therapy. My counselor at B.M.G. never said I was wrong, but helped me understand why I did not want to be like that anymore. She helped me, my marriage, and how to be happy without anger

H.W./Adult Anger Management
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