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A. Being charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense is serious and should not be taken lightly. Convictions and guilty pleas can have severe and long-term effects on one’s future. Offenses can carry possible jail time, substantial fines, probation, treatment programs, and many other consequences. Hiring a private criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following the arrest assures that everything will be done to protect the right you have. A criminal attorney will consider all of the options. He will act in your best interest; during the court proceeding, you will not be alone.

Private attorneys, public defenders, district attorneys, and municipal and superior court judges refer the vast majority of clients to our program. Most offenders state having their attorney makes them feel more comfortable in knowing someone is on his or her side, someone to ask questions and to express their thoughts.

A. BMG is here to HELP every individual who needs help, whether involved in a legal issue, needs HELP with emotional trauma or problem resolution. In twenty-five years of service, clients seeking counseling need someone to provide answers to their specific problems.  We will help ease the burdens associated with issues and give solutions. Without help, your questions will continue to burden your life and those who want the best for you. You deserve to be happy and safe.

A. For many years, merchants have looked away from the crime and absorbed their losses to theft offenders. It is no longer a small problem, but an epidemic and the store no longer look the other way. Stores lose billions of dollars to shoplifting, yet most come from employee theft. Stealing does not mean you are a terrible person or cannot be trusted. Many individuals need support, along with the right facts to balance their way of thinking. Finally, yet importantly, when an offender appears in Court and has enrolled in counseling, shows the Court they are remorseful for their actions and want help to prevent future occurrences.

A. Ordinarily, the primary program takes approximately twelve weeks. Depending on the severity of the crime, additional programs offered take from twenty-six to fifty-two weeks to complete. It is essential that you call B.M.G. immediately to assure adequate time to complete. The program has to match the severity of the crime to ensure court satisfaction. B.M.G. is offering a newly developed diversion program for shoplifting only; there is a shorter diversion program available.

A. In the majority of cases, rehabilitation/educational programs help reduce fines, restitution, and community service and jail time. Statistics show that courts are becoming more cooperative to rehabilitation when the client is willing to take the necessary steps for self-improvement. Our reputation for excellent service in the field of behavioral modification will be an essential tool for your attorney in your defense.

A. B.M.G. is structured to accommodate and assist long distance, out of state or international cases. We provide our H.E.L.P. program and counseling via telephone or VOIP interface. BMG developed a video therapy online service that accommodates the need of the Court as well as for the private Clients. We are continuing our counseling in office as well as treatment online, adding a critical aspect of online therapy “face-to-face interactive counseling.” Our face to face interactive counseling is by webcam/video conferencing. Webcam/video conference counseling means the defendant/client and therapist see each other face to face, just as if they are together in the same room. The excuses for transportation, traffic, childcare, employment, and affordability are gone. The client no longer has to leave home or the conveniences of their surroundings. All that is needed is a computer, iPod, Smart Phone with wifi access and simple instructions to sign on.

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This is an excellent program; it is both helpful and educational. I enjoyed this program. It was able to put information into ways that are not boring. Also, the information was valuable, and I learned a lot about myself and the crime of shoplifting.
S.M./Juvenile Theft Offender
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