Research in recent years has to lead to a new awareness of the impact of families and parenting. It is a fact that our families influence us; we continually discovering the influence is beyond what we had ever imagined. The family is a dynamic social system, with structured laws, components, and rules. The most important family rules are those that determine what it means to be a human being. These rules embrace the most fundamental beliefs about raising children. What parents believe about human life and human satisfaction rules their way of raising children.

The skills used while parenting forms a child’s beliefs about themselves. Nothing could be more important in child development. Children are any culture's most significant natural resources. The future of the world depends on our children’s beginnings and how they see themselves. All their choices depend on the view of themselves that is feed on the family structure. That means, what is happening now, will affect the child/family for the rest of their life. The question is, how much do you love them? Therefore, your behavior must be modified to find the trust and encouragement to achieve the needed for love and commitment.